Lewis Highland Arts provides bagpipes for performance as well as tuition in Scoltand's national instrument. 



First class piping tuition is available in person at your home and also by phone or Skype! Group lessons can be arranged, as well as pipe band tuition. Currently accepting students of all ages, from beginners to Grade 1 soloists.


Tuition is available in Highland Bagpipes, Border Pipes, and Scottish Smallpipes.


Performance for You

Lewis Highland Arts also provides unique and tasteful music for weddings, funerals, Burns suppers, corporate events and personal events in and around Vermont, United States - but will travel anywhere in the world!


Most weddings have Highland pipes play while guests arrive for the ceremony or reception, the processional, recessional, and for a few minutes as guests are leaving. While Highland pipes are not necessarily appropriate for the signing of the register, smallpipes are perfect.

Lewis Highland Arts provides bagpipes for performance as well as tuition in Scoltand's national instrument. 



Is it difficult to learn the bagpipes?

Learning any instrument requires effort, though like any other wind instrument playing the bagpipes do have it's own challenges. You start learning fingering and music on a "practice chanter", which is like the melody part of the bagpipes without the bag. This helps increase your stamina and memorization without the added complication of the bag or drones. When your tutor has determined it's time (based on their own requirements), they'll help you choose a set of bagpipes, and you'll learn first how to blow the bagpipes steadily, then how to play music on them.


Do I have to take lessons, or can I learn the bagpipes on their own?

We definitely do NOT recommend learning the bagpipes on your own! Bagpipes have a very different set of skills needed to play than other instruments, and it will make an already frustrating instrument almost impossible if you try learning on your own. There is also a public stigma of "badly played/horrible sounding bagpipes", and this is often due to self taught pipers playing in public without encouragement and instruction from a qualified tutor. Don't be THAT piper!


Am I too old/too young to learn the bagpipes?

Of course not! Jackie has taught bagpipes to students as young as 6 and as old as 74, though as long as your fingers can reach the holes on the chanter, you can play the bagpipes!


Is it expensive to learn the bagpipes?

Like any instrument, there is an investment involved, though intially it is quite low. You will need a tutor book and good quality practice chanter, which will cost you a total of around $150. It's important to start with a good chanter, as they're easier and more pleasurable to play. These are required regardless if you eventually want to play smallpipes or borderpipes instead of Highland pipes. Eventually, when the time has come to purchase a set of bagpipes (to be determined by your tutor), Highland Bagpipes can cost anywhere from $800 - $5,000 - it depends on the make and mounts of your set. Your tutor will help guide you to a set appropriate for you and your level.


How much do lessons cost?

Individual bagpipe lessons with Jackie at Lewis Highland Arts cost $35 for one hour, and can be adjusted based on lesson length. Lessons are available in one hour and 90 minute increments. Group lessons are also available, and are generally cheaper based on the number of students. Workshops will vary in length and will be priced accordingly.


What methods of payment do you accept?

We happily accept Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Contactless, and Apple Pay!


How do I get started?

Contact Lewis Highland Arts by emailing below.